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Kalahari Dream Cleansing Oil image 1 expanded
  • Kalahari Dream Cleansing Oil image 1
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Evolve Beauty

Kalahari Dream Cleansing Oil

  • FOR Normal to combination skin

    A complete cleansing dream. This blush pink, lightweight facial cleansing oil deeply cleanses the skin without leaving an oily residue. It removes even the toughest makeup in a flash, including stubborn eye makeup, while gently nourishing the skin. 

    This luxurious cleansing oil is incredibly moisturising and promotes cell regeneration and skin barrier repair with fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants.  

    It also contains plant derived Squalane, which is super hydrating and has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm the skin by reducing redness and swelling. Alongside this, Pink Indigo promotes a healthy glow by smoothing and moisturising the skin. 

    Kalahari Dream Cleansing Oil transforms from a gorgeous pink to an emulsified milk when in contact with water, taking off makeup like a dream without stripping the skin of moisture.

    Its delicious natural fruity scent and pale pink hue make it a perfect fuss-free deep cleanser for everyday use.

    Kalahari Melon Seed Oil: The main benefits of Kalahari Melon seed oil are its excellent moisturising and skin conditioning properties. The oil contains up to 70% essential fatty acids and is exceptionally rich in natural Vitamin E and plant sterols, known for their powerful antioxidant properties. This promotes cell regeneration and supports skin barrier function and repair.

    Pink Indigo: This soothing ingredient leaves skin looking smoother, healthier and more hydrated. Indigo is a great ingredient for sensitive skin as it reduces inflammation and redness while protecting the skin barrier from UV and pollutants. 

    Squalane: Low Molecular This 100% plant-based emollient is derived from Olive oil and is an exceptional hydrator that can prevent the ongoing loss of hydration whilst aiding the restoration of the skin's suppleness and glow.

    % Natural 100%

    % Organic 80.90%

    Evolve Customer Panel Results

    **- 100% of people agreed that their skin felt *thoroughly cleansed***.

    - **100% of people agreed that the cleansing oil *removed all make up easily* and without irritation**.

    - 100% of people agreed that their skin looked glowing and clearer.

    - 99.9**% of people agreed that their skin felt *nourished* and smoother.**

    - 94.1% of people agreed that their skin felt hydrated.

    - 94.1**% of people would *recommend this product to friends and family*, and **would buy again.

    Internal research conducted on a panel of Evolve Organic Beauty customers in 2022.

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