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Cultured Biomecare

Vitality Cleansing Milk

  • This gentle yet highly effective formula is created with revolutionary sugar chemistry to purify your skin without stripping or drying it out. Supercharged by a micro-algae FutureFerment™ that nurtures your microbiome and skin barrier, this carefully created cleansing milk leaves your skin re-balanced, revitalised, and with boosted skin tone, and clarity. Thanks to a stable vitamin C extract, the formula adds vitality to your complexion.

    Your microbiome and skin barrier is your skin’s first line of defence against infection, dryness and sensitivity, so ensuring it's cared for is super important in maintaining healthy skin.  

    With a science-backed antioxidant complex, this innovative cleanser harnesses the free-radical-busting powers of borage seed oil. vitamin C, hydroxyacetophenone.

    Ingredients include:  

    Fermented Glycolipids - a gentle and effective skin-friendly cleanser.

    Fermented Micro-Algae – microbiome-boosting, this superfood triggers your skin's self-renewal.

    Stabilised Vitamin C - this antioxidant boosts your skin brightness and clarity.

    Prebiotic Inulin – works to increase and maintain skin hydration, whilst supporting a healthy microbiome.

    Benefits of Cultured Biomecare Vitality Cleansing Milk:

    • Removes makeup and impurities
    • Packed with potent antioxidants
    • Supports your skin barrier and microbiome

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